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When We Can’t Handle One More Thing! By Rev. Rev. Anthony L. Trufant

By October 16, 2020 No Comments

When We Can’t Handle One More Thing!

I talked with a politically aware and deeply spiritual member of EBC about our current state of affairs as a community, city, and country. I said to him, “Did you hear what Trump and McConnell, Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz said and did today?” Before I could brief him on their latest foolishness, he responded wearily,” Rev, I really try to limit the amount of news I consume on a daily and weekly basis. On a local and personal level, I’m battling so much that I can’t deal with one more thing”.  I listened, but then I was prepared to brush by his explanation for why he sets boundaries for the consumption of news feeds, which, I must admit, tends to be mostly negative. Then, the Holy Spirit convicted me, and I conceded.  He was right!  Sometimes the news is, regularly and disappointedly, far too negative!

Each of us has our well of resilience and resistance, which we must monitor. And, if we are not careful will become bitter, broken, and ticking time-bombs.  Without faith in God, we will be fatalistic and falling apart, with no tools left to repair our damaged sense of identity and dignity, nor ourdistorted sense of history and destiny. 

It’s passages, like Psalm 8, which reminds me that the only way to stay saneand strong is not to look back or around. Instead, we must look up to the heavens and away from the earth if we are to comprehend and cope with what’s happening on the earth. According to Psalm 8, that’s how David keeps grounded, growing, and going. The Lord, through David, instructs and inspires us to accept:

1.   We can handle anyone and anything if we remember our God is Savior and Lord over everyone and everything (Vss. 1-2). 

2.    We can handle anyone and anything if we remember our God-given value and vocation (Vss. 3-7 ).

3.    We can handle anyone and anything if we remember God, through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, is here with and for us, respectively (Vs. 8).

In short, the Lord teaches us an invaluable set of lessons through these insightful yet straightforward verses. Ultimately, these three-fold truths are bound up and backed up in Jesus Christ. Verse 8  points us to Jesus, who opts repeatedly to come close and champion our cause.  no one and nothingelse helps us see more clearly these truths personified and practiced than Jesus Christ.  Through his life and death, Jesus shows us that the way to overcome is neither to go around nor over, but through people, places, and practices that would block us from seeing and being who God created and called us to be. Accordingly, Paul is right, because of his intimate meetings and moments with Jesus, when he declared, “We are more than conquerors through him who [loves] us.”