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Making The Time To Make A Better You

By March 15, 2019 No Comments

It’s not about “having” time. It’s about making time.

I’m sympathetic to Christians, both those who are in our church and those who are de-churched, who share with me that they would love to spend more time in prayer and in the study of the word. Yet, their biggest roadblock is finding the time. When they think about their schedules, they have so little time to pray and study scripture. For those who bother to give me a run-down of their regular routines, where they are filling almost every minute of 16 to 18 hours days with some sort of chore, I get it. It does seem as if there is so little time left for daily quiet time with God.

Therefore, I recommend you look at your time and decide how you can reallocate your time so that you can spend some much-needed quiet time with God. You don’t find the time; you make the time. You’ll do so when you discover the value quiet time with God adds to your life, personally and professionAccording to John UpChurch, Senior Editor of Bible Study Tools, some of the benefits of maintaining a quiet time with God are:

1. Staying sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit;

2. Remaining rooted in the truth of God, which helps you to discern truth from falsehood when you hear it;

3. Taking advantage of the wisdom of God so that you’ll know how to manage better daily decisions and cross-road choices;

4. Remembering you’re never alone, but God, who loves and knows you, is ever with and for you;

5. Reducing the stress you feel about matters which are beyond your control;

6. Knowing your cared for and covered by God helps you to handle the criticism hurled in your direction for living an honest, principled, and God-honoring life; 

7. Succeeding at whatever you do in a way which helps others and honors God; and 

8. Keeping Jesus Christ at the center of your life. 

All the above benefits can be yours if you are willing to make the investment of time. Take 15 minutes:

5 minutes to read a passage of scripture,

5 minutes to mediate on its meaning for your life, then

5 minutes to pray about what bubbles to the surface of your thinking and feeling.

After that, listen for the sound of God voice speaking to you regarding the matters with which you wrestle. When you do so, you’ll discover your life is fuller, richer, and more fruitful than ever before. What’s more, you’ll handle your critics better and zero-in on those who can use and appreciate your help the most. This is not something I know from listening to others or reading a book. I know this from earlier struggles of trying to fit my quiet time with God into what I was doing and learning I had to fit the rest of my life into my quiet time with God.