Health Ministry

Starting Tuesday, February 2nd:

Get Ready to join our new leadership team, Stefani Brannon, CHHC & Dr. Vanessa Jeffers, MD; as they lead in helping you to make healthy choices for your physical, nutritional and mental well being. There will be many interacting events to choose from. Here are just a few:

1) Exercise with Milton Bostock , Certified and Experienced Trainer

2x per Week: Tuesday Evenings @ 6:30 pm & Saturday Mornings @ 8:30 am;
Fee: $50 – Signup online

2) **Praise Moves with Vaness

The Christian Alternative to Yoga.
Classes to be held 1st & 3rd Saturdays @ 8:30am. Cost $5 per class.
First class starts 2/20/16.

3) **Walk with the Health Ministry

Meet on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays at 9am . Meet at EBC

4) **Cooking Class [date TBD]

5) **Grocery/Health Food Tour Event [date TBD]

Learn how to navigate the grocery store/health food store to
maximize your health. Streamlining your waist without inflating
your budget.

6) **Health Challenge 2016

7) May 2016 National Eye Health Month

We are partnering with Vision works as part of national Eye health
month to bring a discussion about the importance of eye care and
eye health.

8) **Join the Health Ministry.

We meet the 3rd Tuesday of the Month. We discuss ways to support one
another in our health and also the health & well-being of EBC and our community.