Emmanuel Day Care Kindergarten is one of the oldest day care centers in the city of New York.  On January 12, 1957, Emmanuel Day Care Kindergarten opened its doors to serve the young learners in the community.  At that time, Emmanuel Day Care kindergarten was sponsered by the Long Island Baptist Extension Society.  The center was established to provide the best possible learning opportunities to children in preschool and kindergarten.  This school thrives on excellence.


In 1958, Mrs Anesta Samuel assumed the role of Director until her retirement in 1984. Mrs. Samuel was monumental in encouraging parent involvement.  The center, throughout the years, has maintained its certification from the NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene Bureau of Day Care.


Early in 1977, Emmanuel Baptist Church assumed full sponsorship of the Day Care.  The complete transition transpired in 1981. This change of hands signified the beginning of a model relationship between the church and the community.


The Board of Directors of the center is comprised of members of Emmanuel Baptist Church.  The spirit of brotherhood, dedication to serving God through the ministry of teaching, love and compassion are the operating principles which have forged a lasting relationship between the center and the community.

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The child is provided with instruction and support to assist him/her in achieving a sense of success.  The faculty uses both commercial and teacher generated materials tailored to suit the varying needs, abilities, mastery levels and learning styles of each child. The school lays the basic foundation for the three “R’s”- reading, writing, and arithmetic.

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Due to limited enrollment, admission to the program is on a first come, first serve basis. Upon acceptance, you are required by the Department of Health to follow the rules listed below:


  • Child must be toilet-trained.
  • Child’s age must be between 2.8 and 6 years.
  • A copy of the childs immunization record must be submitted.
  • A completed medical examination form and an emergency consent form filled out by you and your health care provider must be submitted.


As a private Christian school with limited enrollment, Emmanuel Day Care kindergarten is child-centered and Christ-oriented. We provide a forum of learning that is geared toward each child’s individual needs and instrumental in developing their physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and moral character.

Our classroom instruction builds a strong foundation for the child’s cognitive development and scholastic achievement.

We believe that our school occupies a unique place in American education because:


  • It strives to meet individual needs through personalized instruction.
  • It plays a major role in developing desirable attitudes and acceptable patterns of behavior.
  • It lays the foundation for scholastic achievement.
  • It fosters good work and study habits.
  • It guides children to live, play and work harmoniously with others.
  • It facilitates learning through work and play.

We are constantly aware of the growing needs of each child, offering new enriched experiences.

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A child must develop several reading readiness skills before learning to read.  Re-reading activities and phonetic-oriented instruction are provided to develop the basic skills in reading.  The teacher determines your child’s level of readiness to provide the appropriate level of instruction.  Our program is geared to develop:


  • The ability to learn and follow instructions.
  • The ability to discriminate between sounds.
  • The ability to comprehend and appreciate the story read by the author.
  • The desire to learn to read.
  • A positive and receptive attitude toward reading and mastering reading readiness skills.
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The mathematics program is intended to assist each child to think quantitatively and to comprehend the number system.  It focuses on common and individual needs of the child as well as his/her readiness to master mathematical processes.  It fosters attitudes of accuracy, orderliness, and respect for learning.  Activities and instruction are designed to gain skills in:


  • Counting.
  • Writing numerals.
  • Reading numerals.
  • Classifying and grouping objects.
  • Organizing objects.
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Writing is also a typical and meaningful activity.  It is a tool for communication.  The teachers select appropriate activity which matches the muscular development and physical coordination of the young learners.  Pre-writing activities include coloring, cutting, tearing and other pertinent activities to develop motor skills.  The writing program provides opportunities for each child to:


  • Understand the need for and value of handwriting.
  • Realize the need for practice in letter formation.
  • Take pride in neatly written work.
  • Learn the appropriate position of the body and arms in accordance with the writing tools.
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Nadine Clarke, Director
Phone:  (718) 622-1233

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