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Don’t Hit Snooze

By March 21, 2019 No Comments

I am not a morning person. I don’t mean that I’m the type of person who is unpleasant in the morning, I simply mean I’d prefer to sleep in. My preference is that every morning I would be able to awake at the prompting of my body rather than an alarm. I would appreciate the luxury of being able to relax in the bed when I first wake up rather than always feel like I have to hit the ground running the minute I open my eyes.  However, that is not where I am at this stage of life!

Every Monday through Friday I wake up at 6 am to start my day so that I can leave my house by 7 am to go pick up my grandson, Chase the Champion, to drop him off at school. My overall commute when picking up the Champion is about an hour and a half in Brooklyn morning traffic. Each morning we aim to be at school by 8:30 am and truthfully some days we are early and some days we are late, but every morning I still wake up at 6 am. I wake up two hours earlier than I would have to wake up if I were not picking him up in the morning.  And when he gets in the car in the morning I hug him, kiss him, and then talk to him almost the entire car ride even though I’d really rather be sleeping! Every morning when my alarm goes off at 6 am and don’t hit snooze I am making what for me is a huge sacrifice because the love I have for my grandson prompts to make sacrifices for his best interest! I don’t listen to rap music around him! I don’t eat fast food with him! I wake up early on Saturdays to take him to his 10 am gym class! I make a lot of sacrifices for him because I believe that he is worth it and that in the end every sacrifice I make is an investment in his future and our relationship!

But, the truth is as I think about the countless sacrifices I make for Chase I am left wondering whether I have the same willingness to sacrifice for God or do I hit the snooze button when it comes to my Savior? How about you? What does your willingness to sacrifice and surrender your money, your time, your resources, and even some relationships for God look like? I believe that most of us will admit that we love God, but has that love taken root in such away where it motivates your actions and your decision-making.  In the days ahead I would encourage you to not hit snooze on the sacrifices you should and could be making to God. Let your love be made manifest through your sacrifice for the Kingdom and your surrender to God.

Rev. Shareka N. Newton