EBC Workforce


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As counter staff, you are the representative of our store, our history and our mission. Your ability to connect with each customer, expertly handle the products, and maintain quality is what creates the companies special experience. Here is what the position entails:

Major Responsibilities:

  • Take care of customers and provide an amazing experience based on company standards
  • Sell the merchandise and minimize loss
  • Maintain store cleanliness and uphold the high quality of our products
  • Exemplify the company mission
  • Demonstrate excellent slicing abilities and knife skills. Know how to handle and clean knives with precision, efficiency and safety.
  • Know of all of our products (smoked fish, caviar, candy side, canned goods, cheeses, salads and other foods from our kitchen). You must be able to educate our customers about taste, country of origin, preparation, portions, ingredients, pricing, how long products will stay fresh, ideas about how to serve it, and any additional background information.
  • Follow proper sanitation measures (keeping boards and knives clean at all times, wearing gloves, keeping hair covered or tied back, practicing proper personal hygiene, etc.).
  • Answer phone calls and take orders.
  • Know the history and the history of the company and the tradition of appetizing.
  • Maintain impeccable presentation of our showcases, shelves and general cleanliness in the store. Complete the checklist for the showcase.
  • Communicate with the kitchen staff to replenish items or with staff who are in charge of ordering when you see that inventory is low.
  • Promote new products, special samples, and products that we need to sell quickly.
  • Minimize waste. This means expert slicing from tail to head, turning over products that need to be sold quickly, keeping our basement storage space clean and well organized, etc.
  • Practice “first in- first out” rotation of products.
  • Connect with customers in a personal and professional manner. Counter staff need to make sure that customers are greeted when they enter and attended to as quickly as possible.
  • Multi-task. Counter staff need to switch between filling an order and taking a customer.
  • Execute proper presentation and packaging of items for in-store sales, shipping, gifts.
  • Know how to handle customer complaints or refer customers to the manager.
  • Be able to work on both sides of the store, fish side and sweet side. Be able to jump back and forth between the two sides as needed
  • Answer general questions about shipping and catering services.
  • Help create a supportive work environment with our entire team
  • Keeping work station as neat and organized as possible. Put things in their proper location. If you drop something, pick it up.
  • Follow the rules and systems presented in staff meeting or by your supervisors