Sacred Arts Ministry


Total Praise Choir Chorales & Worship Team


Total Praise is the main choir that leads the EBC Family into worship through song. All members of the Music Department are required to have a schedule meeting/audition with our Director of Music or his assigned party. In addition, you may be selected to participate in a Chorale team or


We are commissioned to become the vessels for this era that will usher in a Life changing encounter for the “experienced as well as the new” worshipper. This is more than just using our voices to sing songs, but it goes as deep as living a life that is an example to the unbeliever and the believer.

TP rehearsals : Tuesdays@ 7:00 pm| Email:

Temple of Praise (Dance)


It’s going down at EBC! Temples of Praise (TOP), Dance Ministry invites you to join where we will give instruction and incorporate the fundamentals of modern, contemporary and African dance while matching each dance form to both gospel and contemporary music. We will explore similarities and differences between the styles and learn a combination that is a meaningful fusion of Praise Dance. Even if you have 2 left feet, we’ll show you how. Come join us as we Dance It Out for Jesus!
TOP enjoys spreading the Love of GOD through dance while offering GOD the highest praise.

Email: or ext. 129

A.C.T.S. (Drama)


Finally, You Can Act Up in the Church
ACTS (A Christian Theatrical Society) of EBC believes that we’re all stars in our own drama of salvation. Therefore, we are a ministry that invests in the potential and authenticity of individuals to minister to God and his people through drama. So, if you been looking to put your acting or dramatic writing skills to good use, you’ve come to the right place. During our workshop, we’ll discuss how we take our talents intended for Hollywood and create ‘Holy’wood at EBC. Participants will also be given the opportunity to do some ‘acting up’ of their own during this workshop So if you ready to learn, listen and have a good time this is the workshop for you.

Email: or ext. 127

Technical Arts (Audio, Video & Lighting)


Tech Arts is the audio, video and lighting min- istry of Emmanuel Baptist Church. We serve as the “backstage” crew for almost all things Emmanuel. If you’re interested in learning what it takes to broadcast to thousands of people every week, then Tech Arts is the place for you.

Get a feel for what it’s like to be on a EBC’s production team. Whether you are interested in computers, microphones, or cameras, Tech Arts has a place for you. This course will let you see just how much you know an EBC service. Have you been paying attention? Come out and put your knowledge to the test!

Email: or ext. 131


(Sacred Arts Hospitality Ministry) SCOTT ALBERT

This unique ministry offers its grace and etiquette skills towards all of the SAM fellowship events. They host the monthly birthday mini-celebrations for SAM, while also meeting assorted emergency needs of SAM and the EBC family and church guests. Is open to all SAM members.

Open Arms (Greeters)


The mission in Open Arms, the Greeters Ministry, is to enrich the worship experience by preparing the hearts, minds, and attitudes of each person by greeting them with a smile and a kind word as they are welcomed with open arms into Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Enjoy the opportunity to become a greeter in this session! Let your light shine at the doors of the church. Your service in this ministry leaves the first and last impressions on everyone who comes to worship at EBC. Experience the dynamics of this ministry thru participating in RolePlay.

Devotional/Meetings: Tuesdays after monthly SAM Devotionals, approx. 7:30 pm
Email: or ext. 151

Ushers (Traditional)


“Welcome and please have a seat” This is our interaction with churchgoers at all services and events at EBC. We also aid our Trustees and security personnel in collecting offering during worship services. All this is done while assuring that church protocol is maintained. Intervenes during medical and other emergencies during worship service.

Email: or ext. 158

Gracious Guides (Contemporary Ushers)


Warmly, lovingly, welcome churchgoers and steer them toward available seating. We help ensure that church protocols (no eating, picture taking, walking during certain times of service, etc. ) are maintained. We are a complimentary unit to both our Open Arms (Greeters) and Ushers and we minister each Sunday service at 11am.

Devotionals/Meetings: 3rd Sunday immediately after 11am service

Triple “G” Band


Our unique and inspirational band is always looking for those instrumentalist who what to share in their talents!



The Sign Language Ministry is a ministry with members who are predominantly Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Hearing Impaired. The Interpreters of the Sign Language Ministry are all hearing and exist mainly to interpret the weekly sermons, praise and worship, drama, announcements or various events in the church or events that are church related. Fellowships are generally once monthly at one of the members homes or in a nearby restaurant. Interpreting may also be needed in Dr.’s offices/hospitals, job interviews, courtrooms, or other venues at various times. We strive to serve those in need of adequate and clear communication as needed.

Email: or ext. 123

The Sacred Arts Ministry plays a vital role in the Growth of Emmanuel Baptist Church. Our primary mission is to ensure that all members and guests of EBC are welcomed and inspired to join us in the praise and worship of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Through the intricate ministries of song, dance, acting, technical arts, greeters, gracious guides, and ushers, as well as, our band-we are given the opportunity to present our finest gifts and talents to the Lord. It is our hopes that you will bring forth your support, gift and talents and aid us in continuing to offer Excellence in Ministry for Emmanuel Baptist Church and to God.

This provides you with further insight as to what the Sacred Arts offers and ways in which you may join. As you peruse this page, allow yourself to take a few moments to pray and meditate on how your gift s and talents may be useful in one or more of our ministries. Concentrate on how Emmanuel Baptist Church’s core values; Christ-centered, Biblically-based, Ministry-oriented, Culturally-relevant, Gift-based, (dedicated to ) Excellence in Ministry and Partnering through Prayer, may be put into your daily practices and your service to God. We look forward to your becoming a part of the Sacred Arts Family.

Feel free to share this information with your family friends and colleagues.

Renée Jarvis

Director of Sacred Arts
Contact: (718) 622-1107 ext. 113

Genea Martin

Administrator of Sacred Arts