Baptism is the means by which persons who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior are received into the Family of God and the larger Christian faith community.  Here at Emmanuel, we practice “believers only” baptism, which simply means that each individual must make their own, personal and public declaration that they desire to become a follower (disciple) of Christ Jesus.  Full immersion is the mode (method) of baptism we observe.



While anyone who desires to be baptized is welcome to do so upon their public declaration of faith in Christ Jesus, we provide candidates for baptism with instruction that outlines the basics of the Christian Faith.  Through the class, BUILDING BELIEVERS, we help baptism candidates come to a fuller understanding of the meaning of baptism and the significance of the commitment into which we enter as disciples’ of Christ Jesus.  And, because most persons expressing an interest in baptism are likewise seeking to make Emmanuel their church home, we offer instruction that helps both, candidates for baptism and fellowship (membership), to discover how we live out Christ’s call to ministry at Emmanuel through the New Disciples Orientation (NDO).



(Required for Baptism & Fellowship)

BUILDING BELIEVERS: An intro and reinforcement of the basics of the Christian Faith


(Required for Fellowship)

EMMANUEL ESSENTIALS: An intro to EBC’s ministry.

 MANAGING GOD’S MONEY: A guide to discovering and living out biblical financial principles.

(Sessions are offered monthly.)


Advance registration is required.  Candidates for Baptism and/or Fellowship should contact the church via phone or e-mail and provided the following information:

     – Full Name;

     – Contact Number;

     – Title & Date of Sessions you plan to attend.


Scheduling of Ceremony:

Upon completion of the appropriate sessions, candidates will be eligible for baptism and/or to receive the Right-Hand of Fellowship. Candidates MUST contact the ministry and state that they’ve completed their session(s) and would like to participate in the next TWICE-BORN CELEBRATION.  While these celebrations are frequently held on 4th-Sunday, beginning with our 12:15pm worship experience, candidates must contact the ministry directly to RSVP and confirm the exact date and time for each month’s celebration.


Upcoming Sessions:



For more NEW DISCIPLES’ ORIENTATION (NDO) information (i.e. days, dates and times of other sessions), please contact:


Phone:  (718) 622-1107

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